December 11, 2023

Common Marketing Tricks To Make People Spend Money

Some people have a hard time saving up money for the future because of impulsive buying. It is not always the fault of the consumer most of the time. There are instances when buying on impulse is based on certain marketing strategies used to make people buy more. It is important to know some of these strategies in order to avoid getting hooked into them.

Buy One, Get One Free

For most consumers, this offer may seem quite a bargain and can entice many shoppers to buy. It will always seem like a better deal of getting something free with your purchase. But this may not be always the best deals out there. What most shoppers may get from this offer is a half off price for the second item. There are also times when buy one free one offers may only provide a 25 percent discount on the purchase. It may still be quite a bargain just the same, but not as what most consumers think they are.

Free Food Tastings

Many shoppers have been quite accustomed with supermarkets providing free tastes of certain products. In department stores this may come in the form of free mini-makeovers at the make-up counter. Although these services are provided for free, they are also tactics stores use to buy. Studies show that people who sample products at stores may likely feel obligated to buy. Getting shoppers to stay longer and spending  more time at the store may make them more likely to buy something eventually.

Friendly Door Greeters

You might notice that friendly store greeter also handing out fliers to shoppers as they come in the store. Even that may be considered a sneaky marketing tactic. Aside from the offers from the fliers they give out, striking up conversations with the shoppers would most likely make them buy something at the store. Making good conversation with customers it seems result in more sales for the store.

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