December 10, 2023
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Little Known Social Security Benefits

Benefits coming from Social Security can help supplement your retirement income. Depending on your social status, there are some certain benefits that many people tend to ignore. The main reason is because they haven’t known about them. Here are some of those Social Security benefits that would-be retirees should be aware about. 

Survivor Income Benefit  

Survivor benefits are available either for surviving spouses as well as their surviving young children. Spouses are eligible for Social Security survivor benefits if their partners are deceased. The amount of benefits received is dependent on certain factors such as if spouse is caring for a child below 16 years old, has disabilities, or if the deceased spouse has already filed for retirement benefits early. Many widows may not be aware if the spousal benefits available to them.    

Spousal Income Benefits 

A spousal benefit in Social Security is available for those who have been married and still remain married during retirement. It is a benefit that is available especially for those who spent their time more at home taking care of the family or only worked part-time. This benefit enables spouses to enjoy receiving 50 percent of their spouse’s benefits at full retirement age. It can be added to one’s actual Social Security retirement benefits.  

Divorcee Income Benefit 

Divorcees can also enjoy Social Security benefits based on their ex-spouse’s working record. The amount of benefits can be dependent on certain factors such as early claimants, a deceased ex-spouse who has not files for retirement benefits, and more. Those who are eligible for this benefit has to be married for at least ten years before going their separate ways.  The claimant should also remain unmarried to be eligible for a divorce income benefit.   

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