December 10, 2023

Scams That Target Dating Retirees

Retirement living need not be lonely. Many seniors today have become more active in the dating scene than ever before. Some have even started looking into dating sites to look for compatible companions. But with senior dating getting more and more popular, the risks of experiencing dating scams also start to grow.

Dating Scams Target Seniors

More and more dating scams are focusing on the elderly as their primary targets. One reason is that it can be easier to trick seniors who may sometimes be easy to convince or deceive. And with seniors exploring the new world of online dating, it just becomes even easier since there is little initial face-to-face contact. Seniors may not easily be able to determine whether they are being scammed.

Online Robbery

Many of the online dating scams prey on the gullibility of many seniors. They try to hide behind a fake but attractive and appealing persona to entice their elderly targets. Once they have a potential victim, they lie and deceive their way into either getting some valuable personal information or by directly getting their victim’s money. Others make use of malware on unaware seniors to steal their personal information. More and more seniors should be educated on the matter. The threat is real and awareness is the key to help prevent more seniors from becoming the victims of online scams. 

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