December 10, 2023

Staying Sharp In Old Age

Age can lead to many different changes in every aspect of your body. As you advance in age, you start to feel a bit different. Physically, you start to feel those aches and pains associated with aging. Mentally, you begin to feel that you may no longer be as sharp as you used to. But not to worry, there are ways that you can help improve as you age, both physically and mentally. When it comes to staying sharp, here are some tips that may help you out.

Have a regular exercise regimen.

Regular exercise can help keep your mind healthy and mentally sharp by increasing blood flow and bring more oxygen-rich blood into the brain. Regular exercise can also help you maintain your blood pressure level which is linked to a person’s cognitive function over time.  This helps you keep your mind stay sharp over time.   

Control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. It can also increase your risk of developing dementia. This can impair your cognitive function as you age. If you wish to lessen the risk and keep your mind stay sharp, try to control your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels by eating healthy, staying active, and avoid smoking.

Learn new things to stimulate the brain.

The brain also need some type of stimulation in order to stay sharp. When you begin to feel some of the usual age-related cognitive issues, try to find some ways to stimulate your brain to keep it sharp. Engage in mentally stimulating activities. Try learning a new skill. Brain stimulation helps you build up new pathways for neurons to transmit information. This can help reduce or delay the cognitive changes associated with age and keep your brain sharp.

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